Something in Spanish

Monday, March 19
$5, $10 minimum
reservations are recommended

Something In Spanish makes Avant-Pop music that will delight you and your special friends. Tonight marks the second installment of their Monkey Town residency.

Something In Spanish began in Miami, Florida when Michelle Perez and Jules Monterrey found each other through mutual friends and started making music together.

Michelle had played guitar in her teens but wasn't interested in becoming a traditional singer-songwriter and Julio had toured the globe with jazz mogul Maynard Ferguson playing saxophone and developing experimental sound palettes.

They both decided to step out of their musical comfort zones and are continually discovering a sound that they are calling avant-pop. SIS fuses elements of 50’s pop, exotic lounge, experimental electronic and free jazz that guarantees a mysterious and engaging live experience.

m ss ng p eces ( will be providing custom visuals with two 45 minute long continuous films with no edits or special effects.

To download two free songs from their upcoming EP, check out their myspace (