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10Monkey Town Los Angeles is the 7th edition and features a 2-hour video art program that replays every night for the 4 month run. The program features almost all multi-channel works by 16 video artists and filmmakers, as well as nightly live performance.

Curated by Montgomery Knott, with assistance from Ricky Jonsson Jr + Kristel Brinshot (, Michael Smoller (Blum & Poe), Robert Crouch, and Lex Brown.


Takeshi Murata, Sarah Rara, AES+FShana MoultonYoshi SodeokaDanny PerezJohanna Billing, Milton Melvin Croissant III, Virginia Lee MontgomeryInstitute for New FeelingAgnes Bolt, Nic Koller, Ricky Jonsson Jr + Kristel BrinshotAdam FerrissErica MagreyTheo Angell, Javier GalánMontgomery Knott