muX presents: ROOMIKS CUBE & r.b.w
Curated by chiaki watanabe

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Tuesday, July 25
8pm (one show only)
reservations are recommended

Roomiks Cube is a multichannel panoramic A/V performance. Part of the ongoing MUX A/V series, this rare event is a collaborative effort between live video performance artists C-TRL Labs and NY based electronic composer Caural. Specially tailored to Monkey Town's minimalist cubic interior, C-TRL will utilize motion graphics, 3D and
realtime software (Modul8 and Max/MSP Jitter) to create an environmental extension to the existing architectural space. Caural sets the tone w/ flowing abstract compositions in a rich sonic space. The audience will be immersed in a whirl of architectural landscapes and organic forms and tones in both performers playfull experimental styles.

r.b.w. is an ongoing live audiovisual set associated with colors, shapes and forms.
The set consists of 3 abstract live visuals that associate three primary color states; red, blue and white. Based on chromotherapy studies, specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Each selected set of three colors(as samples) brings different stimulations and effects. The intention is to investigate how color in motion can alter mood or emotional states similar to music; what certain music has the power to do so. Music and sound when pursued with this approach should elevate combination beyond and besides status quo. This is the potential of what can be experienced when visual and sound are combined in a live media experiment with psychophysical approach. The set will be presented with live EEG (Electroencephalograph) generated sound.

After the show, there will be a brief Q&A with audiences.

C-TRL LABS(live visual)
C-TRL Labs is the commercial and artistic collaboration of Devan Simunovich and Nika Offenbac. Their work is as diverse as their individual backgrounds, ranging from music videos, concert tour visuals, animation for broadcast and film, tradeshow design, 3D visualization and interactive lounges. As VJ1s they have created tour visuals for Theivery Corporation and performed alongside artists such as DJ Crush, Crystal Method, Ellen Alien, Apparat, Snoop Dog, Kruder & Dorfmeister and ?uestlove, in addition to numerous club appearances across the US, Europe and Japan.

CAURAL (live sound)
After studying jazz guitar and improvisation with Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan University, Indonesian Gamelan and Southeast Asian music aboard the Semester At Sea program and experimental electronic music at NYU, Caural briefly returned to Chicago in 2000. His debut CD, "Initial Experiments In 3-D" was released on NY's boutique label Toshoklabs (now available on iTunes), and was followed by two EPs and a
critically-acclaimed full-length for Chocolate Industries, "Stars On My Ceiling."

c.h.i.a.k.i. aka chiaki watanabe (live visual)
Media artist c.h.i.a.k.i. creates moving images that touch the fields of visual music, visual language and synesthesia with minimalist and organic aesthetics. Her inquiries into visual communication and consciousness offer resonant aesthetic and poetic insights, as she explores a new form of expression, "visual music" - a combination of digital video and music. She has been exhibited internationally in various venues ranging from media art/video festivals including New York Video Festival, European Media Art Festival(de), Viper Media Festival(ch), Mapping festival(ch) to art institutions including ICA London(uk), Kunsthall Bergen(no) and Austin Museum of Digital Art. She has performed/exhibited at venues throughout NYC including Location One, Dance Theater Workshop, Knitting Factory, The Kitchen and Merce Cunningham studio.

Zach Layton (live sound)
Zach is a new york based composer and improviser interested in biofeedback techniques, psychoacoustics and perception. His work investigates complex relationships created through the interaction of simple core elements like sinewaves or kinetic visual patterns. His interest in biofeedback led him into the research of music produced by human brainwaves, subsequently building a homemade Electroencephalagrah (EEG), which he now uses in performance. He also is the curator of Brooklyn's monthly experimental music series "darmstadt: classics of the avant garde" which features leading composers and improvisers from around New York City.

muX is an experimental live media presentation series led by media artist
Chiaki Watanabe. muX focuses on the live implementation of real time video
processing and sound with various methods and technique by NY based artists.
muX is made possible with support from:
The Experimental Television Center (ETC*)
Flux Factory technology initiative

*The E. T. C. Presentation Fund is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts & Media Foundation