MUX presents...
One over Three

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Thursday, June 29
7:30 and 10pm
reservations are recommended

A collaborative project, MUX uses simple graphics, electronics and acoustic instrument to create lo-fi audiovisuals with a minimalist esthetics. One over Three is an experiment with one-bit audio and visual that are represented by single bit information such as one bit color, one bit code, one bit note.

Simplicity is a core theme of 1/3 - takes to new limits of depth, dimensions and scale using electronic devices. 1/3 investigates the essence of simplicity (1 bit) with human - machine interaction. It takes live media performance to new limits of depth using technology. The performance consists of three parts that represents beta, alpha, theta brainwaves with video triggered sound and sound triggered video.

After the performance, there will be a brief Q&A with audiences.

c.h.i.a.k.i.(chiaki watanabe) - visuals
Media artist c.h.i.a.k.i. creates moving images that touch the fields of
visual music, visual language and synesthesia with minimalist and organic
aesthetics. Her inquiries into visual communication and consciousness offer resonant aesthetic and poetic insights, as she explores a new form of expression, "visual music" - a combination of digital video and music. She has been exhibited internationally in various venues ranging from media art/video festivals including New York Video Festival, European Media Art Festival(de), Viper Media Festival(ch), Mapping festival(ch) to art institutions including ICA(uk), Kunsthall(no) and Austin Museum of Digital Art. She has performed/exhibited at venues throughout NYC including Location One, Dance Theater Workshop, Kinitting Factory, The Kitchen and Merce Cunningham studio.

Tristan Perich (1BIT music) - sound/electronics
Tristan Perich, a New York based artist and composer, works in new media as a visual artist and musician. His recent music/art project, One Bit Music, a minimal music device packaged inside a standard CD jewel case released by Cantaloupe Music in the Spring of 2006. Perich had exhibited at the dorkbot NYC, Postmasters Gallery, NY and NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Sylvia Mincewicz (The Ambitious Orchestra) - sound/electric violin
Sylvia Mincewicz, an electric violinist/composer, began studying the
classical violin in Poland, then jazz at Milton Academy at NYU. She has been performing around NYC at venues including Irving Plaza, Webster Hall, The Knitting Factory, Galapagos, North Six, CBGB's , Joe's Pub,
Ontological-Hysteric Theater and Merce Cunningham Studio. Her current
projects include a Scottish rock band, aaron & Mordechai and the rock
orchestra, Ambitious Orchestra. She is the Music Director of nternational Theater New York.

About mux:
mux is an experimental live media presentation series led by media artist
Chiaki Watanabe. mux primary focuses on the live implementation of real time video processing and live sound with various methods and technique. The goal of the series is to share live media work by NY based artists with the public.

MUX is made possible with support from:
Flux Factory technology initiative
The Experimental Television Center*

*The E. T. C. Presentation Fund is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts & mediaThe foundation