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Chef | Ryan Jaronik
Sommelier | Rubén Sanz Ramiro

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Our regular hours were:
7 Days a Week | 6pm - 1am
til 4am on Friday & Saturday

We accepted:
AMEX, Visa, & Master Card

Reservations were...
highly recommended for all shows in our Back Dining/Screening Room.

-- If there was an admission, you paid at the door
-- For "day-of" reservations, you called ahead: 718.384.1369
-- Please don't call or write if you need to Cancel a Reservation.

Our Front Dining Room had no videos and no beds, but was always open for dining and drinking. For parties of 5 or more we stongly recommended reservations.

Many artists contributed their works to our space. Thank you artists:

Mike Houston
and Martin Mazorra Woodcut Mural
MoMo Monkey Logo, hallway mural
M.Carter Monkey Logo, hallway mural
FAWNJEANChelsea Briganti and Kevin Jean Ceiling installation
Phillip Niemeyer (DoubleTriple) Bathroom #3, posters, postcards
Ambrose Brown
Bathroom #2, Paisley Shitskin 1981
Mercedes Gonzalez de Garay
Bathroom #1, from March 2008
Andy Barrett cardboard chandelier, much woodwork
Saviour Scraps Front Dining Room installation, through June 2008
Taras Hrabowsky
Back Room animation
Cartune Xprez Back Room animations
Corrine Jones bathroom painting #2, through August 2008
Ry Fyan bathroom painting #1 through February 2008
Brady Dollarhide 1st Front Dining Room forest mural, through July 2008
Various Artists bathroom sound installation #1, through July 2007
Greg Allen-Müller bathroom sound #2, McCarren Park Amended Audio


monkey town is back!
see our new site for events and reservations