Hess is More + Something in Spanish

Saturday, June 9
$8, $10 minimum
7:30 and 10pm
reservations are recommended

Hess Is More is the brainchild of danish musician Mikkel Hess. HIM makes
music for films, theater and multimedia (including recent collaborations
with the Royal Theater in Copenhagen), has a current radio and MTV hit in Europe, and plays tennis. With his virtuosic ability to play multiple instruments and love of jazz and experimental electronica, Hess creates a sound palette that is all at once original, hypnotic and timeless.

The Hess Is More live band also features Mikkel’s brother Nikolaj Hess and Jens Bjørnkjær. In a most unique set up, the trio mixes electronic and acoustic elements into something best described as a live remix - reinventing, yet maintaining, the sound from the albums.

Something In Spanish began in Miami, Florida when Michelle Perez and Jules Monterrey found each other through mutual friends and started making music together. They both decided to step out of their musical comfort zones and are continually discovering a sound that they are calling avant-pop. SIS fuses elements of 50’s pop, exotic lounge, experimental electronic and free jazz that guarantees a mysterious and engaging live experience.

Watch the Hess Is More Cool Hunting Video