Graphic Nature Opening

Monday, July 16
6 - 11pm; Sponsored Bar from 6 - 8pm

GRAPHIC NATURE is a selection of various animation works by New York based digital studio SUPERNATURE, whose goal is to use animation and multi-scale moving imagery to explore the relationship between media, technology, and the built environment. The title of this series plays off the commonly encountered disclaimer "The following program contains scenes of a graphic nature", and presents ambient looping 'wallpaper' video artworks which subvert the expectations of the sensational and information-heavy media environment. At the same time, computer graphic technology is used to create works which simulate, frame, and visualize inspirations from 'Nature' and re-present it as an ornamental media surface.

A custom mixed soundtrack will accompany the visual projections, and the audience is invited to sit back, relax and watch, or's wallpaper.

Supernature is the studio of Sean Capone, who has been working in the digital animation field and as a video artist for over 15 years. The studio operates as an umbrella for the creation of custom moving image works and collaborations with various art and architectural agencies. Sean's professional work has ranged from video games to motion graphics and V/FX for film, with a recent focus on fashion and architecture clients including Prada, Chanel, Macy's, and the studios 2x4 and MVMT.

Please visit the Supernature website (and blog and YouTube channel) for more: