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How do I purchase tickets to Monkey Town Los Angeles?

Click on any Purchase Tickets link on this site and you’ll be transferred to Brown Paper Tickets, where you’ll select the night and time you’d like to attend and the number of tickets. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX.

Are there any extra charges for the Tickets?

There is a very small ticketing fee from Brown Paper Tickets, otherwise your admission, your dinner, and drinks are all included. Gratuity is not included, please bring cash for this.

Can I get a refund for my tickets?

No. Refunds will only be given if a seating is cancelled (which is unlikely). All Sales are FINAL.

Can I purchase tickets at the venue, at the door, with cash?

No. Tickets must be purchased In Advance through Brown Paper Tickets. Ticketing closes one hour before the door time of each show. There is no cash at the venue.

If my friend and I buy tickets separately, can we still sit together?

Yes, it’s no problem. We will make sure that all friends and family are seated together, once everyone enters the cube.



What is the capacity each night?

Capacity is just 40 per seating. Two seatings each night, Tuesdays – Sundays, 6:30pm and 9pm.

Do people talk during the program?

Yes (and no). This is more like going to the cinema than a dining experience; so if you talk the entire time, you might be missing out on the experience or annoying your fellow guests. So yes, talking is fine, but best at a volume and infrequency that does not disturb your neighbors.

When do doors open, what if we arrive late?

Just like a movie, do NOT arrive late.
Doors open 15 minutes before showtimes.
Please arrive BEFORE the showtime.

Any persons arriving more than 10 minutes late, may miss the first course. We will NOT admit anyone more than 20 minutes late. Everyone is meant to enter the space together…so, as a courtesy to your host, don’t be late.



Where is this venue, is it new?

We are located in a stand-alone, one story building in Downtown LA at 111 W 21st St (at S Main St).

Previously, it was an upholstery fabric warehouse. It is 10,000 square feet of MT heaven.  We feel very lucky to inhabit this space and send special thanks to the folks at The Reef (the 14-story creative, design, and production space up the block) for their accommodating ways.

We are 12 blocks from Ace Hotel 
We are 2.2 miles from The BroadGeffen Contemporary, MoCADisney Concert Hall
We are about 20 blocks west of Francois Ghelaby Gallery, LACA, The Mistake RoomNight Gallery

What’s the PARKING like?

6:30pm Seating
There is FREE PARKING for the first 15 cars in our own adjacent parking lot. Please enter the lot on 21st St (between Main and Broadway).  There is additional FREE PARKING on S. Main St.

9pm Seating
In order to facilitate a smooth transition between seatings, parking for the 2nd seating is FREE PARKING on the street — by 9pm, there are dozens of available spaces on 21st St, Main, or Broadway.



How long is the Video Program? What’s the program like?

The video program is 2 hours. The event is a cinema-in-the-round, inside a seamless floating cube of 4 large projection screens, with a multi-speaker surround sound. Each artist is shown consecutively. This 7th edition features a single curated film and video program that replays every night for 120 days, featuring almost all multi-channel works by 16 artists and filmmakers from California, Europe and the US.

Curated by Montgomery Knott, with assistance from Ricky Jonsson Jr + Kristel Brinshot (Ghosting.tv).

Has this been done before?

Only in New York (for 10 years), Denver (2014) and Barcelona (2015) and Austin (2015 – 2016). Others have tried in smaller ways; but nobody has combined multi-channel cinema, food and live performance.

Monkey Town 6 Austin review in The Austin Chronicle
Monkey Town 5 Barcelona
 preview in Barcelona MiniGuide
Monkey Town 4 Denver front page review in The Denver Post
Monkey Town 3 New York feature in Vice Magazine

Is there nudity or “inappropriate” material shown in the program?




Will the menus remain the same throughout the run?

No. They will change according to seasonal ingredients on a weekly and monthly basis. Listed menus should be seen as an example of what will be served and may vary slightly. We will update the menus on the site as they change.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options?

Yes. Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free Options are available for all seatings. Once you have purchased your tickets, please write us at monkeytownhq@gmail.com and tell us the Date and Time you will be attending and any dietary restriction (including allergies) you would have. Once you are seated in the cube, the server will confirm all dietary needs and allergies.

What about food allergies?

Besides writing us once you’ve purchased tickets, please inform your server once you’re seated in the cube and we will omit any dishes that contain those ingredients and make substitutions.

Is your food organic? Local?

Nearly all of our ingredients are from local farmers and most vegetables and all proteins are organic.



Will there be a Monkey Town 8?

Nope. This is our Grand Finale. Montgomery has plans to shoot his first feature film, very, very slowly in Guatemala. Perhaps after a long hiatus, another Monkey Town phoenix will rise again, but there are no plans beyond Los Angeles. Come see our swan song, before we go mute.

If I’m seated inside the cube and there’s a screen behind me, won’t I miss something at some point?

Yes. But not really. All 4-channel works are made for the cube with viewer’s immersive perspective in mind.

Why the name Monkey Town?

There are four reasons. But for brevity, Eugene Walter was a chief inspiration — co-launcher of the Paris Review, actor in Fellini’s 8 ½, eternal poet to the monkey gods.




The original Monkey Town was founded by Montgomery Knott and ran from May 2003 – December 2004. It was located in a private loft space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Emphasis was on video art, showcasing works by Miranda July, Mika Rottenberg, Brock Enright and Golan Levin among dozens of other emerging artists. We also hosted live music; including, Black Dice, White Magic, Dead Texan, My Best Fiend, Sayyid and Priest (Anit-Pop Consortium) and Blood on the Wall. There were 99 performances over 19 months.

MONKEY TOWN 2 Brooklyn

Monkey Town 2 ran from October 2005 – January 2010. It was also located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Open nightly for 4 years and 4 months, a front dining room and bar were added, while the back dining room continued the original layout — 4 screens; communal seating; capacity of 50. The back space showcased video art, short films, feature-length films and documentaries; as well as, live music, dance and other performance. Damo Suzuki (singer from CAN), Sharon Van Etten, Tony Conrad, The XX, Twin ShadowDirty Projectors, Tristan Perich, and Excepter’s legendary marathon shows were all illuminated in the cube, while a cabal of talented filmmakers tested and stretched the margins of new cinema; including, Ryan Trecartin, Shana Moulton, R. Luke DuBois, Alexandre Singh, Cory Arcangel, Marisa Olson, Peter Burr, Michael Bell-Smith, Bruce Bickford, Tony Oursler, Forcefield, and Claude Wampler.

MONKEY TOWN 3 Manhattan

In the summer of 2013, Monkey Town 3 was reborn at the Eyebeam Gallery in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district. For 60 days, 3000 people attended a video program comprised of 23 filmmakers and performers. With the success of the 3rd edition, the path was set to create an on-going “pop-up” cinema and dining concept.


Monkey Town 4 partnered with the MCA Denver and ran from February – June 2014, showcasing 18 video artists from Colorado, the US and Europe. 12 performers were invited for weekly performance residencies. It was named one of the top 10 cultural moments of 2014 by The Denver Post.

MONKEY TOWN 5 Barcelona

Monkey Town 5 partnered with the Poblenou Urban District and ran from April – June 2015, showcasing 15 video artists from Europe, the US and South America. Located in the newly burgeoning tech and design corridor of Poble Nou, Monkey Town was featured on Catalan TV, in all the national newspapers, as well as an expansive English-language review in the popular Pink and Brown cultural review.


Monkey Town 6 partnered with The Contemporary Austin and ran from November 2015 – February 2016, showcasing 16 video artists from Texas, the US and Europe. Located on the east side in a humungous 64,000 square foot warehouse, Monkey Town Austin was a bit of a homecoming for Director Montgomery Knott, who spent eight years in Austin in the 90s. There was opera, 3 country bands, 2 choreographers, 1 aspic food/visual/sound installation and an ambient classical performance. Texas video artists included Wiley Wiggins, Rachel Stuckey, Gabrielle Daubourg, Kristen Lucas and Joe McKay, Ryan Junell, Scott Gelber, and Hillerbrand + Magsamen.