spun 2

Friday, October 2nd
$5, $10 minimum
8:30, 10:30pm
reservations are recommended

art light noise new video art
rebecca gaffney
and most beloved michael mahalchick
with friends including these are powers wundervid kund joe krings egyptian cruisin w/timothy hull masonic seth-ritualismo jon williams screen green dance frankie martin secret special marcos rosales cents and cents-er jfr ecclesonic fingered media -riffic amber dawn tee-sing 888 bathtub process-wizard kenny curwood my frnd my frd jake magher nrg pt 2 peru ana ana peru xo ox xx xy and more lovely folks to be announced very shortly, times to follow musical performance by mike bones after the second show

For more information:
rebecca gaffney
michael mahalchick
joe krings
timothy hull
jon williams
frankie martin
marcos rosales
fingered media
kenny curwood
mike bones