Château du Chic with Katie Eastburn, Shana Moulton, Nicklcat, LSD and Ben Coonley

Saturday, January 16
$5, $10 minimum
reservations are recommended

An intimate multimedia cabaret avec your host Nicklcat et ses amis...Katie Eastburn (synthetic chasoneuse extraordinaire), Shana Moulton (video-performance-kunst) and special guests to be announced...

Maison du Chic is the legendary multimedia cabaret hosted by faux-Britpop dandy Nicklcat (the alter ego of performer-impresario Nick Hallett) at longlost nightclub Fez, then continued annually on a bigger scale until its 5th anniversary, when the brand and documentation of its events were put into a time capsule and stored in a vault at Watermill Center. This rare resurrection for Monkey Town's closing festivities will be an eclectic mix of video-enhanced performances, live electronic music, and video art screenings....with a surprise or two as well...Visuals by LSD.